Everything You Need to Know about Bedtime Stories for Kids

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Summary: There are many obvious benefits of reading to your child. Bedtime stories for kids help do many goods to children’s brain development. In this post, you will see the benefits and best age to start bedtime stories for kids. Bedtime story forms and book genres for kids will also be recommended by age.  

 Table of Content

Part 1. Why Reading is Important – Benefits of Reading to Your Child

1. 6 Benefits of Reading to Your Child

Part 2. When to Start Reading to Baby

1. The Best Age to Start Bedtime Stories

Part 3. Which to Choose: Different Forms of Bedtime Stories

1. Audiobooks & E-books

2. YouTube Videos

3. Apps

4. Hardcover Books from Bookstore

Part 4. Perfect Book Genres As Bedtime Stories for Kids

            1. Bedtime Stories for Infants

2. Bedtime Stories For Toddlers
3. Bedtime Stories For Preschoolers
4. Bedtime Stories For Teenagers

The most important but difficult mission moms need to accomplish every night is, without doubt, to follow the baby’s bedtime routines and put kids into bed so as to ensure kids enough sleep and leave more time for occupying their own chores after kids are asleep. To know how much sleep do babies need you can check this sleep chart by age guide. Keep in mind that bedtime stories for babies are always the key.

Part 1. Why Reading is Important – Benefits of Reading to Your Child

The importance of reading books reveals many different aspects of both family bonds and children’s development. Parents reading to children or kids keeping a reading habit at an early age shows great differences especially in school behavior when compared to those who don’t read much. Check the following benefits to see why are books important for a child’s development:

1. Expand Horizon:

When kids are too young for school, reading bedtime stories for kids is a precious opportunity to teach them some knowledge in advance about what they will learn later in kindergarten, like shapes, colors, numbers, animals, and more.

2. Develop a Correct Outlook on World, Life, and Value

Kids are so pure that they don’t have much understanding what are moral values and social ethics. It is (parents) our responsibility and obligation to teach our kids right from wrong when he/she can understand what we are talking. Respecting elders, helping others when we can, and sharing with others are basic moral values we should teach them.

3. Strengthen Memory and Concentration

Keep asking a kid the what, when, and who questions about the event that occurs in the story to see whether they can narrate the story in summary so as to strengthen their concentration, memory, and comprehensive ability. They are less likely to lose their concentration when having classes in school.

4. More Creativity and Imagination

Reading your kid’s fairy tales and other bedtime stories can also bring out the imagination and creativity of your kids.

5. Strengthen Family Bond

If you are a busy dad that rarely has time to be with your child, reading with young children will be a perfect moment to strengthen bonds with your little princess. What’s more, Children need the accompany of their parents to know that they are loved and cared for and have more confidence to learn happier and faster.

6. Reading Improves Vocabulary

If your kids are old enough to read the bedtime story by themselves, they can explore more new words which will enhance their vocabulary coverage. Moreover, the reading skill will also improve and if you help your kids form a reading habit, you will not be surprised that your 4-year-old daughter has a 6-year-old’s reading level. Children’s reading levels mean a lot in kids’ life because the one who has better reading skill can self-teaching themselves better. Get bedtime stories for preschoolers and you will see the difference before long.

Part 2. When to Start Reading to Baby

As you can see, there are many effects of reading on child development. That’s the reason why should kids read a lot as early as he/she can. It is never too early to start reading or speaking to your child. You can even start providing listening when they are infants.

Why? You might wonder: Can they understand what the story is about? Actually, reading bedtime stories for infants is not only about the story itself. It’s about helping your kids listen to more words. According to research, children absorb info about language long before they can speak. Those who are spoken to a lot can understand words faster. Note: Reading bedtime stories for kids can help them learn language faster. However, not all words that are heard help to boost word learning. Lacking interactivity does not help language learning. That’s why the kids who watch TV a lot don’t seem like dealing with social communication very well or having the talent to learn languages.

Part 3. Which to Choose: Different Forms of Bedtime Stories

1. Audiobooks & E-Books

There are many audiobooks and e-books bedtime stories for parents to read with kids. You can find them on some reading sites for kids, Amazon, and other kids’ bedtime stories review sites like CoolKid+. There are also some free online children’s bedtime stories provided. Or you can purchase and download the audiobooks & e-books on your device to read them later. However, it’s not the best option because audio bedtime stories are audible and lack images while some e-book readers like Kindle lack colorful illustrations. Kids might get bored very soon and lose interest in the story. More severely, it might grow kids’ antipathy toward reading.

2. YouTube Videos

If you are looking for free bedtime stories, videos bedtime stories will be what you are looking for. Bedtime stories videos are one of the favorite forms of bedtime stories for many parents. You can find millions of video bedtime stories of different duration. It is possible that you find short bedtime stories with ease. Just configure the filter option on YouTube. Video bedtime stories are loved because they are more dynamic and remain impressive to kids with both audio and colorful images as well as animation. Videos are good but it is not the ideal forms of bedtime stories. Because first of all, kids spending too much time on computers or iPad can result in a reliance on electronics and devices as well as short-sightedness. Moreover, as we mentioned above, bedtime stories are about family bonding and the exploration of more interactivity. Lastly, if you didn’t purchase YouTube Red, you even need to wait for a few seconds to skip the ad and start watching the bedtime stories online.

3. Apps

Some app developers develop the bedtime stories app for kids so that parents can find abundant bedtime stories in one place, read the e-version, watch videos, or listen to children’s bedtime stories audio as they wish. The app can be downloaded for free but to get the funny bedtime stories for kids downloaded on your device, you need to purchase it. The shortcoming is similar to that of YouTube bedtime stories: Resulting in reliance on devices and failure to rebuild family bonds during bedtime comfort.

4. Hardcover Bedtime Stories from Bookstore

The most ideal form of bedtime stories, from my point of view, is hardcover storybooks. We can sit our baby somewhere comfortable, cuddle up with your child, and put his/her favorite stuffed animal toys nearby. Then, prepare several storybooks for his/her option. Using different emotions and sounds while reading to your kids can foster the social and emotional development of your kids. Keeping asking your kids question about the stories can enhance social development and comprehensive skills. Keep reading can help your kids form the habit of reading. Buy your kids a bookshelf and keep buying classic bedtime stories for kids, bedtime moral stories, or inspirational stories for kids when you drop by the bookstore. Differences will widen as time pass by, compared to those who don’t read much.

Part 4. Perfect Book Genres As Bedtime Stories for Kids

There are a great number of book genres listed in physical and online bookstores. How to choose the right bedtime books that are appropriate for his/her age. Which genre of books are perfect for your 3-year-old and what story for a 10-year-old?

1. Bedtime Stories for Infants

Cloth story books are an excellent choice for bedtime stories with infants. These books offer several advantages that make them ideal for the bedtime routine. Cloth storybooks engage infants’ senses through vibrant colors, different textures, and interactive elements like crinkly pages or touch-and-feel components. They are safe and durable, allowing infants to explore and interact with the books without the risk of tearing pages or paper cuts. The softness of cloth books provides a comforting and soothing experience, creating a calm environment for bedtime. Additionally, sharing cloth storybooks with infants strengthens the parent-infant bond through close physical proximity and the soothing tone of the parents’ voices. Overall, cloth story books are not only enjoyable but also contribute to early cognitive and sensory development.

2. Bedtime Stories for Toddlers:

Alphabet Books; Comics; Pictures books; Fairy tales; Concept books; Pop-up Books; Rhythmic books; However, while the bedtime stories genre for toddlers encompasses a wide range of engaging options such as alphabet books, comics, picture books, fairy tales, concept books, pop-up books, and rhythmic books, parents can further enhance the storytelling experience with the aid of toy projector storytellers. These innovative devices offer a unique and interactive way to captivate toddlers’ attention, making bedtime stories even more immersive and enjoyable for both children and parents.
Toy storyteller projectors create an immersive visual experience by projecting images onto the ceiling or wall, capturing children’s attention and transporting them into the story’s world. The interactive nature of toy projector storytellers encourages active engagement, as children can participate by pointing to the images and identifying characters or objects. This level of interaction keeps children focused, fostering their attention and overall enjoyment. Additionally, the combination of audio and visual stimulation in toy projector storytelling provides a multi-sensory experience, enhancing children’s comprehension and deepening their understanding of the story. Incorporating a toy projector storyteller into the bedtime routine also reinforces the importance of the routine itself, creating a peaceful and enjoyable environment that promotes relaxation and prepares children for sleep.

3. Bedtime Stories For Preschoolers.

Fantasy; Magic books; Science books; Action books; Adventure; Novels; Moral books

4. Bedtime Stories For Teenagers:


Books are treasure banks storing wisdom passed down from generation to generation and learning is the eye of the mind. It’s never too much to emphasize the importance and benefits of reading. Bedtime stories for kids are not only the best timing to rebuild family bonds but also reading skill that enhances activities that do well for kids’ brain development. The last tip I would like to share with you is: Choose short bedtime stories for kids because you never wish to obey your kids’ bedtime routine after reading stories for your kids for about 30 minutes, isn’t it? 5-minute funny bedtime stories will be ideal. When did you start reading stories to your kids? Do you remember the first storybooks you read him/her? Please leave comments below to share your parenting experience with other moms.

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