Presents for Children (0-18yrs): How to Choose The Right Gift

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Summary: Have no idea when to gift a child and don’t know how to choose the right presents for children that they will cry out thank you to you? Read on and you will get a complete guide on when to give a kid a present, research to do before buying a gift, and of course, the best gifts are recommended by gender and by age.

 Table of Content

Part 1. When to Give A Kid A Present

1. 4 Drawbacks of Giving Too Many Gifts to Children

2. 4 Events When You Can Give Your Children A Present

Part 2. Research to Do Before Choosing Presents for Children

1. Research 1: What Age Range You Are Shopping for?

2. Research 2: Do You Know What The Kids’ Interests Are?

3. Research 3: Is it Safe for Kids?

Part 3. What Kinds of Presents for Children to for My Kids

1. Gifts by Genders

2. Gifts by Ages

3. 6 Non-Toy Gifts Recommended for Children

Part 4: Conclusion – The Best Present for Children is Your Presence

1. Parents’ Presence is The Best Present for Children

Part 1. When to Give A Kid A Present

The sheer joy of children lies in unwrapping presents, whether it’s a special occasion or just an ordinary day. Their eyes light up with anticipation as they eagerly await the delightful surprises concealed within the packaging. In fact, they can’t help but wish for gifts to unwrap every single day. However, as much as we’d love to fulfill their desires, we know that this is not feasible and might even lead to unintended consequences.

1. 4 Drawbacks of Giving Too Many Gifts to Children

a). A Full Toys Storage Box or Closet

Presents that a kid is gifted are mostly kids’ toys and kids’ clothing. As day pass, there will have no more space for new toys and clothes in the children’s closet, and toy storage organizer and some old gifts will be put away which lead to waste.

b). Overspend Your Budget

There are countless types of kids’ toys that have different prices, from $ to $$. However, when it refers to remote control toys, electric riding vehicles, and other higher-tier electronics, the price can reach $199 to $1,500.

c). Kids Can’t Truly Understand The Thanks and Giving

Frequent random gift-giving to kids might overshadow the true meaning of Thanksgiving. It’s essential to teach them the value of gratitude and the history behind the holiday. Balancing gifts with lessons about appreciation will prevent spoiling them and foster genuine thankfulness. This way, we raise emotionally mature individuals who cherish the essence of thankfulness throughout their lives.

d). Unintentionally Build An “Exchange Relationship”

Some parents will give their child a gift as a reward for helping with the housework jobs. They think this might encourage their child for sticking to good behaviors. However, frequent random gift-giving can unintentionally foster an exchange-based relationship, where children expect gifts as a transaction. This diminishes the value of thoughtful gestures and hampers their understanding of genuine appreciation and selfless giving. Emphasizing heartfelt expressions of love and kindness can help cultivate meaningful connections, free from material expectations.

2. 4 Events to Give Your Children A Present

Then, what will be a good time to give my kid a present? You might ask. Let’s check together:

a). Birthday Present

On this date, I get kids’ birthday party ideas from the internet and celebrate their birth. Tell them to get more mature to set a good example for their younger sisters/brothers. As for my experience, I will choose the gift more carefully especially on their special years, such as 1st birthday, the year they enroll in kindergarten, the 18th birthday, etc. I am trying my best to pick up the most meaningful gifts for my kids on their special day.

b). Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving

To celebrate Easter, Halloween, and Thanksgiving, give your kids a full table of delicious foods, a box of chocolate, or some candies.

c). Christmas Present and New Year:

Christmas is a big day for all Americans. Early before Christmas, people start buying different things to decorate the house for Christmas with Christmas yard inflatables, wreaths, gnomes, and advent calendars. It’s the day we wear Christmas family pajama set, have a family gathering, and countdown to farewell the past and welcome the new year and unwrap the Christmas gifts.

d). Presents as A Reward

There are many toddler reward ideas available to help you make a decision about when to give what to your kids. You can also make your own reward chart to customize that fits your needs perfectly. Remember to tell him/her what’s the reward gifted for and praise them from time to time.

Part 2. Research to Do Before Choosing Presents for Children

1. Research 1: What Age Range You Are Shopping for?

Different ages of kids are in need of different toys. Babies need story projector toys, Toddlers need electric educational toys and preschool kids love pretend play toys, etc. So there’s no wonder why baby gift shops categorized kids’ toys by age or by toy genres. Parents can find the kids’ toys easily by browsing the corresponding category.

Shop for Newborns & Infants | Shop for Toddlers | Shop for School Kids | Shop for Teens

2. Research 2: Do You Know What The Kids’ Interests Are?

“What to gift a girl?” and “What to gift a boy” are also two definitely two different things. Besides age and gender, kids with different interests can also have different reactions when receiving the same presents. Some kids love Thomas and Friends toy trains, some love Transformers, and some love Sanrio. They don’t hate receiving toys that they are not interested in but they would be happier if it’s their favorite character that you gift them. So, do some research on your kids’ interests before you select the toys for them.

3. Research 3: Is it Safe for Kids?

a). BPA-Free, Toxic-Free, or Not?

Most of the products for kids are made of plastic, so make sure that the plastic adopted is BPA-free and toxic-free for kids. Check the certification and plastic safety symbols:

CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act) certification and ASTM International standards for the United States, and look for Kitemark, CE, and lion mark on toys for British or Europe.

When choosing a gift for your newborns, infants, and toddlers, make sure that the products are food-grade because babies have no idea what it is and put anything into their mouths.

b). Too Small That Kids Might Mistakenly Swallow

Some toys can be taken apart into tiny pieces, for example, 3D wooden puzzles or brick building toys. These are very dangerous gifts for kids under 5 who might mistakenly swallow or get choked up. A number of kids get injured or choked to death because of mistakenly swallowing small pieces of toys. So, check the age instruction before buying the toy and play the toy with your kids if they are too young.

Part 3. What Kinds of Presents for Children to for My Kids

1. Gifts by Genders

a). Toy Ideas for Boys

Ride-on Bike
Most kindergarten boys love ride-on vehicles that are so much like genuine ones. Some of them are electronics ride-on motorbikes and cars.

RC drones
Some boys love RC drones that they can play in the park or when going out for a picnic. The prices of RC helicopter drone range greatly for different built-in drone technology. Some RC toy, for example, an RC drone,  enables you to shoot a video at a distance with high resolution.

Gifts for Boys Age 20 and More: Amiibo
If you are gifting a boy who is a big fan of anime or cartoon. Buy him a gift on Pokemon theme, for example, is an ideal choice. But be sure that you know which figure he is crazy about. I am sure he will scream out happily once he opens this gift. Check the Amiibo list here.

Another toy category a boy love is the dinosaur. They can play with the dinosaur all day long. Remember to keep your boys away from them when it’s dinner time, or you will regret you didn’t because your kids are distracted while having dinner and take the supper for almost 2 hours…

b). Toy Ideas for Girls

Girls have different hobbies compared to boys. They love to pretend to play toys, pinky toys, princesses, and more.

Pretend Play Toy
They have a great talent to imitate parents and people around them. So they are interested in playing with pretend play toys with doctor themes, kitchen themes, grocery themes, makeup themes, and more pretend play examples.

Every girl has a dream of becoming a princess and encountering Mr. Charming one day. So, if you ask me what to gift a girl, what comes to my mind first will be Disney Princess! Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel and Merida.

Musical Instruments
Girls who love singing a lot might prefer a musical instrument as their birthday gift. Consider buying her one, maybe this will help foster your daughter’s interest in music, and if fortunately, you will have a pop star daughter, LOL.

Gifts for Girls Age 20: Stuffed Animals
Every girl has at least one stuffed toy on their bed. Stuffed toys especially stuffed animals are cute and soft so girls who hold them in bed at night can feel comfortable and easily get sleepy. In other words, stuffed animals are one of the tips on how to get a baby to sleep through the night.

2. Gifts by Ages

a). Babies

Baby Bath Seat & Floating Bath Toys
The baby bath seat is a mother’s good helper to make it easier and safer on bathing a baby who is too young to sit. Baby bath toys will delight your baby and keep him/her occupied so that you can give him a clean, quick, and comfortable bath.

b). Toddlers

Toddler Walk Learning Toy
A toddler learn-to-walk toy is chosen by many moms. Playing with a learn-to-walk toy can help build the leg muscles of your kids and help your kids learn to walk on their own.

c). Preschooler

Little Kid Backpack
The first present you can give your kids when they are at their preschool age is a school backpack, a school stationery set, or a cute umbrella. They will be so happy having this gift and would love to go to their kindergarten with their new school bag.

d). Teenagers

Gift Ideas for Teenage Guys 17-year-old: Transformer Toys
Is your son a big fan of Gundam, the Japanese cartoon character? If the answer is yes, then buying him a transformer toy will be highly appreciated.

3. 6 Non-Toy Gifts Recommended for Children

If you want your kids to stop getting addicted to toys and focus more on studying and learning, you would reconsider gifting them a toy. What else can you gift your kid on his birthday except for toys?

a). Clothes for Best Dressed Child

Besides toys, another way to get boys happy is to buy them beautiful clothes like T-shirts, jackets, jeans, shoes, and even sunglasses to make your little boy fashionable. Gifting clothes to your kids is a more practical way to show your care and your love.

b). Baby Onesies Pajama

A baby onesie pajama is a good choice to give your toddler as a gift. Your kids will be happy about receiving this gift, and you can also be happy to take photos of your lovely blue elephant and share them with your friends on Instagram and Facebook.

c). Books

For school children, reading can broaden your kids’ minds and horizons without going out. The importance of reading books is remarkable if the reading habit is formed at an early age. Kids in different age groups need different book genres: For baby boys, fairy tales and bedtime stories are good; for kindergarten, fiction, science, and action books; for teenagers, books related to history, poetry, and drama.

d). Lunch Boxes

If your toddler kids are about to reach his/her preschool age, giving him/her a bento lunch box will be suitable. The elegant lunch containers and attractive toddler lunch ideas for picky eaters will stimulate your kids’ appetite and intake of as much nutrition as they need.

e). Travel

Traveling is a good rest for kids’ minds and their bodies, to set your kids free from the heavy study load after a semester, you can arrange a short trip to the nearby attraction as his birthday gift or if it is summer vacation and you have time for a long trip, maybe a vacation abroad is not a bad idea. Traveling abroad can give your child the opportunity to learn a different culture, witness a different architectural style, appreciate a different scene, and of course, taste a different food.

f). Personalized Recipe Cards

The idea of giving your kids a personalized recipe card where they can write down what they would like to try on Saturday night. This is perfect for those raising picky eaters who seldom love what you serve them. Allow kids to get engaged when making their dinner. Allowing them to vote for their favorite foods can help picky eaters grow interested in the foods that they chose or they helped to make.

Part 4: Conclusion – The Best Present for Children is Your Presence

Some parents, who are busy working all day long, will feel guilty for not having much time to accompany their children and witness their growth. These parents might gift presents for children in order to compensate for their child.

However, for many children, if parents are absent for many important events of the child, or disconnect from their inner worlds, children might feel betrayed and incomplete. As a result, it is very likely that kids will sense insecurity and fail to foster intimate relationships with their parents.

The word “Presence” pronounces like “Presents” but their impacts on your kids’ childhood are apparently different. Parents’ presence at important school events means a lot to kids’ confidence. So I highly recommend that working parents should squeeze in more time to accompany them and show love to their kids. This can mentally be the best gift in cultivating a healthy and positive childhood.

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