Complete Kids Birthday Party Ideas: Funny Birthday for Kids

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Summary: Even though hosting a kid’s birthday party can improve child development, it needs lots of time, energy, and money to prepare for a great birthday party. Hesitating about whether to throw your kid a birthday party? Read on to see my suggestion.

 Table of Content

Part 1. Why Some Moms Hate or Fears of Birthday Party

1. Why Moms Hate Birthday Party

Part 2. Benefits: Why Your Kid Needs A Birthday Party

1. Confident and Feel Loved

2. An Unforgettable Memory Remembered The Whole Life

3. Boost Social Skills and Making Friends

Part 3. My Suggestions on Hosting Birthday Party for Kids Or Not?

1. Yes. But Not Every Year

2. Yes. But Not Large-Sized

Part 4. Before, During, and After The Birthday Party

1. Preparation Before The Birthday Party

2. During the Party

3. After the Party

        Part 5. Birthday Party Ideas: Home and Park, Summer and Winter Birthday Party Ideas
             1. Home Birthday Party Ideas;
             2.  Park Birthday Party Ideas
              3. Summer Birthday Party Ideas;
               4. Winter Birthday Party Ideas;


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Part 1. Why Some Moms Hate or Fear of Birthday Party

Please understand that not celebrating a child’s birthday does not imply that someone is not a good mother. If you’ve arranged at least one birthday party for kids before, you will know the reason exactly. I can fully understand why some moms hate or fear hosting a birthday party the first time I arranged for my child a birthday party.

It’s never a simple task because a birthday party requires preparation 6 to 8 weeks ahead. This will consume your time, energy, and of course, money. There is a long list of things to do: You can keep yourself busy before, during, and after the birthday party by preparing, inviting, booking, cooking, arranging, and cleaning. It’s definitely a nightmare.

If you are a new mom who has never held a birthday party for your child on your own and can’t perfectly get what I mean by the nightmare, you can read the next part to check the complete birthday party timeline.


Part 2. Benefits: Why Your Kid Needs A Birthday Party

If I call hosting a kid’s birthday party a nightmare, I believe you would be able to empathize and relate to my sentiment. But even though hosting a birthday party is so time, money, and energy-consuming, I still don’t advocate that we cancel kids’ birthday parties. And here are the benefits of why your kids need a birthday party:

1. Confident and Feel Loved

Your husband and you have works to do every day and don’t have much time to play with your kids? Most of your kid’s time is spent with the nanny and the bedtime stories except for the weekend.

If this is similar in your family, hosting a birthday party or some weekend gatherings is the perfect moment to show your kids that “Mom and dad love you more than we can say, we just need to work for a better tomorrow.” I am sure that your kid will understand you and love you, too.

2. An Unforgettable Memory Remembered The Whole Life

For kids having a birthday party of their own is so exciting. They will count down months, weeks, and days before the day comes. Your kids who enjoy their party will remember all details of the party and make you feel wonderful for making this memorable birthday party.

3. Boost Social Skills and Making Friends

Some kids who are not party kids, however, don’t feel like hosting or attending a birthday party. Take my kid for example, he sticks with me all the time during his classmate’s birthday party. He’s too shy to make new friends there. This sometimes happens especially when he/she is the only child that seldom has time with his/her peers.

It’s parents’ responsibility to help children blend in the party and make friends. So, my solution is, to take him/her to as many parties as possible and make progress once at a time. And I am pretty sure that one day he/she will feel at home for attending the party and enjoy making friends.


Part 3. My Suggestions on Hosting Birthday Party for Kids Or Not?

Making a birthday party for kids can show kids your love, make unforgettable memories and help your kids boost social skills. So making your kid a birthday party every year? Don’t you remember the long to-do list before the party and the 3 months of preparation? If you are a mom of 4 and your kids’ birthdays lie in different months, that means you have to prepare for the birthday all year long… So, do you host birthday party for kids? Yes or no? My suggestion is:

1. Yes. But Not Every Year

Hosting your kid a party on his/her birthday, but not every year. I mean, you can pick up the important stage of your kid’s life. Such as the 1st birthday, the year he learned to talk, the year he’s ready for kindergarten, the year he’s ready for middle school, and 18th birthday party ideas.

A birthday party on these special days can also tell your kids that they are old enough to move to the next stage and should behave more maturely to set an example for his/her younger sisters/brothers.

2. Yes. But Not Large-Sized

Hosting a large-sized birthday party and inviting a great number of kids and parents to the party is not the only way to show your love to the kids. A small family-size birthday party that invites your kids’ grandparents, uncles, aunts, and cousins is also a good idea.

Even though the birthday is not grandly held, some factors should remain such as party themes, party games, birthday cakes, birthday presents for children, and of course birthday wishes for kids.


Part 4. Before, During, and After The Birthday Party

My sincere suggestion is, to start the preparation as early as possible. 8 weeks is secure if it’s your first time. The more experience you get, the less time you need for the preparation. You might wonder: “Are you sure? 8 weeks? I’ve arranged a picnic reunion with my classmates before, it didn’t take me so long. It’s 1 week or something. Are you kidding me?” Well, just read on and you will see that it’s absolutely different.

1. Preparation Before The Birthday Party

a). How Many Kids and Parents to Invite

The reason why I put this first is that the invitation list affects everything: Do you have enough room to hold the party at home? How much birthday party food, snacks, fruits, and drink to prepare? What size the cake should be? That all depends on how many kids and parents you would like to invite to the party.

Ask your kid whom she would like to invite to her birthday and start preparing the birthday invitation letter. After that, ask your kid for help to recheck those who confirm to attend so as to set yourself free a little bit. Once the invitation list is roughly confirmed, (even though this might change later), you can move on to the next step. Check this 1st birthday invitation template.

b). Select Party Themes

There are countless birthday party themes you can choose for your kids’ birthday, let’s name a few: Swimming pool theme, camping theme, unicorn theme, Despicable Me theme, Star Wars theme, Frozen theme, and more. We need to confirm the theme first because all party supplies and decor should echo your party theme. Moreover, some party themes have a specific requirement on the place the party is being held.

c). Choose Birthday Party Places

Birthday party places can be held at home, or outdoors depending on your preference, the requirement of your theme, or the number of people invited. To host a birthday party outdoors, you’d better book the place ahead.

d). Birthday Party Supply Checklist

The party supply checklist consists of many different things: A to-do list, to-buy list, and to-cook list… Food recipes tableware (tablecloth, cake plates, forks, knives, spoons), decorations (balloons, party hats, wall decorations, candles, yard inflatables), foods and snacks (cakes, drinks, candies, snacks), princess costumes, etc. Well, I just name a few. You’d better make yourself a birthday party supply checklist in case you forget anything.

e). Kids’ Birthday Party Games

Though you’ve prepared the most lovely decorations and birthday cakes that fit your kids’ birthday party theme, you can only delight your young guest for a while. And they will find the party a little bit boring. To entertain your young guests better and give yourself some rest, you’d better prepare a few party games for kids and baby activity toys to make the party fun without spending extra money.

f). The Party Favors

You need to gift the kids for coming to your kids’ party by preparing them small gifts in the form of party favors. It can be kids’ toyscandies, food, school stationery, books, or something homemade. Here’s the complete guide on what to put in goody bags.

g). Before-Party Decorations

For the decoration supplies, I will highly recommend that you find the decoration all-in-one set which includes all the banners, flags, confetti, birthday hats, balloons, and tableware that meets your chosen theme.

Because firstly, the pack includes exactly all you need for the party and you don’t need to worry that you miss anything; Secondly, most of these supplies set are categorized by theme, so the colors and design echo your party theme perfectly.

Remember to buy a balloon blower or you have to blow up all the balloons on your own. All you need is to hang your banner and flag the places they should be.

h). Before-Party Food Preparations

If those invited are of a large amount, you’d better start getting ready the candies, snacks, chips, and cakes beforehand. If you are a good baker, you can take this opportunity to try all the birthday party food ideas you would like to try and it’s money-saving. Prepare as many types of foods as possible in case one or two little picky eaters attend your birthday party and find nothing to eat. But if you are not good at cuisine, buying a cake and some cookies from the bakery will be your good choice.

2. During the Party

Even though the birthday party has begun, that doesn’t mean that you can have a rest. There are many things you should do: Make sure foods are adequate, start singing birthday songs, put off the candles, eat cakes, play games, open the birthday gifts, and keep an eye on children’s safety especially if the party is held outside.

3. After the Party

After the party is over and your kids’ friends go back home with their party favors. It’s the time…not for a rest, but for cleaning. You need to pick up the rubbish from the grassland in your backyard, remove gift wrappers, pack up the leftovers, do the dishes, and more. I believe that you will do nothing but take a bath and throw yourself into bed after doing all these cleaning jobs.

Part 5. Birthday Party Ideas: Home and Park, Summer and Winter Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday parties are exciting milestones in a child’s life, filled with joy, laughter, and memorable moments. Planning the perfect birthday party involves careful consideration of various factors, including themes, activities, decorations, and locations. Now that you’ve known the brief process of hosting a funny birthday party for your little ones. Whether you prefer hosting at home, in a park, or during the summer or winter seasons, we have you covered with creative and budget-friendly suggestions. It’s now time to explore different birthday party ideas:

1. Home Birthday Party Ideas</>

Hosting a birthday party at home offers convenience and flexibility. Transform your living space into a party wonderland by using themed decorations, such as balloons, streamers, and banners. Create a DIY photo booth area with props for capturing precious memories. Plan engaging indoor activities like scavenger hunts, arts and crafts projects, or even a movie screening with popcorn for a cozy movie night. Encourage creativity by setting up a cupcake decorating station or a mini science experiment corner. Homemade treats and party favors can add a personal touch and save costs.

2. Park Birthday Party Ideas

Hosting a birthday party in a park offers ample space for outdoor fun and exploration. Choose a park with playground equipment, open fields, and picnic areas. Plan active games like relay races, sack races, or a friendly game of soccer or frisbee. Set up a picnic-style area with blankets, cushions, and themed decorations. Organize a treasure hunt within the park, utilizing nature as clues. Prepare sandwiches, snacks, and refreshments in kawaii lunch boxes for a delightful outdoor picnic experience.

3. Summer Birthday Party Ideas

If your child’s birthday falls during the summer months, take advantage of the warm weather and plan an outdoor celebration. Water games and pool parties are always a hit, providing relief from the heat. Set up inflatable pools, water slides, and water balloons for a splashing good time. Beach-themed parties bring the seaside atmosphere to your backyard with sandboxes, beach balls, and tropical decorations. Treat the kids to refreshing snacks like fruit popsicles, ice cream sundaes, and lemonade stands to keep them cool and satisfied.


4. Winter Birthday Party Ideas

Winter birthdays offer a cozy and magical atmosphere for celebrations. Embrace the season by transforming your home into a winter wonderland. Decorate with snowflake cutouts, fairy lights, and fake snow to create a whimsical ambiance. Plan indoor activities like board game tournaments, cookie decorating, or a hot chocolate bar complete with various toppings and flavors. For adventurous spirits, consider organizing a winter-themed treasure hunt or a mini ice skating rink in your backyard (if weather permits). Warm and comforting food, such as homemade soups, hot cocoa, and freshly baked treats, will add a delightful touch to the party.

5. Budget-Friendly, Cheap Birthday Party Ideas

Celebrating a child’s birthday doesn’t have to break the bank. With a little creativity and resourcefulness, you can plan a memorable party on a budget. Opt for simple yet effective decorations like homemade banners, paper lanterns, or repurposed materials. Plan activities that require minimal resources, such as classic party games like musical chairs or a DIY obstacle course. Choose budget-friendly themes like pajama parties or movie nights, where the focus is on creating a cozy and enjoyable atmosphere rather than extravagant decorations or expensive entertainment.



You will find it worthwhile your time, energy, and money on hosting your kid a birthday party when you saw the big smile on your kid’s face. However, you even need to start the party preparation 3 months ahead and there is a long list to include in the before, during, and after party to-do list. My suggestion is to keep a regularly simple bday party but make it large-size on the special stage of your kids’ life

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